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Rich Hassall 3. rész: Tenyésztői bemutatkozás

december 4th, 2020

Most of you i think already know and for those that don’t i have been a full time greyhound punter for 18 years.
i am not a trainer never have been and have no wish to be, hands on with the dogs is kept limited.. i need to remain totally head strong and having too much sentiment is not a good thing in my line of work.
Nevertheless, my passion for greyhound racing still burns bright like it did almost 30 years ago as a kid and of course by now i owe the sport a lot for what it’s given me.

The first bitch i bought was called ‘Brecon Pearl’ in 94/95. i used to watch a dog in betting shop at Bristol called ‘Welsh Wizard’ just like him even tho A2 ish he won off front and from behind in equal measure really genuine and solid race dog and won me some fair money which i saved up.
In the Sporting Life national racing paper i saw an advert, 15 month old bitch a repeat mating of… (list of dogs) and ‘Welsh Wizard’ for 250
Graham Holland was a young trainer starting out but his graders were always running so well to form so he was chosen.http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?i=29724

She went right thru the grades A2, S1 and ran opens was a really good stayer, her brother run in the St Ledger.

I love dogs off the back always have, more exciting, never out of any race and most importantly good for betting as usually not favourites as everyone can only pick the leader and lack the ability to visualise how a race will be run in full.
Great start with first bitch i thought this owning game is easy..
Next two pups out from derby winner ‘Moral Standards’ powerhouse off the back like Westmead Hawk a brilliant dog.
Just wanted some from him didn’t pay much attention to the bitch… EPIC FAIL A8 dogs useless! lesson learned fast Dam is 90 percent min !!! don’t fall for sentiment like that again!!!
Had my fingers burnt and spent some years away from owning due to job and young life.
In 2002 i started punting full time more out of circumstance and opportunity than choice but it developed quickly i saw with my knowledge and experiences gained during my youth being up the dogs so much and what lessons learned was able to make money certainly enough to cover a 25 year old with no responsibilities.
I stayed away from owning as mentioned above i do not want in any way to cloud my judgment by having a runner and also i couldn’t afford it or didn’t want the extra outgoings while im starting up punting properly.
In 2005 i thought ok im in a good position i should own again and look at it as supporting the sport. So i joined a syndicate group of people to split the bills etc cheaper way back in.
We bought ‘Whiskey Coffee’ http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?z=mgJThW&d=whiskey+coffee&x=23&y=10, i can’t claim to picking her but again she did well A9 to A1 Walthamstow and bitch of the year 2006, won the star sports puppy derby round there unfortunatly shattered hock after tho and was joint fav for the Oaks. We had some pups from her fair dam line but was deffo sentiment also from the majority of syndicate they turned out OK but nothing set the world alight.
A mate i met thru gambling said we should buy one also as our favourite trainer at Swindon looked worth supporting, best in his kennel was A2 at that time. This was Kevin Hutton so we picked ‘Ard Flight’ sister to barefoot bullet, she won us a bit but imo didn’t stay so we sold her. But getting in with Kev and starting to travel about when he got on the open race scene. I got my mates to put their dog with him and this was his first open racer actually ‘Full Bloom’ http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?i=1325406 but he was at end of a great career.. at least got Kev on the road tho… one of Blooms owners said ‘what does Rich F know.. Kevin Hutton is just a bags graded trainer’ …  HAHA he still remembers and was told again when Kev won the derby and oaks.
Now has firmly on the open scene we broke the bank to buy ‘Borna Gene’http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=borna+gene&x=12&y=20. A beast of a bitch and fastest round clonmel as a pup than Irish derby winner ‘Laughill Blake’. But she had a fall so price was cut from 15k to 6k, 3 of us bought her but we knew at 32 kilo specimen and good line we breed from her also.

The reason we found out for the cut price also tho she was a 6 month season bitch…disaster for a high profile racer. Also as we had agreed to breed from her we didn’t want to suppress not an option. She went in the derby 14 weeks out of season.. first round group of death!!! could have been a late stage race such as a semi final was the quality and it was a shit year where only the first 2 would qualify FFS puke. heres the race http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?r=3751591,,, 4th farloe rumble made the Irish derby final same year what a heat… who says first rounds are easy ?????? not as this elite level!
As now im firmly in the greyhound world upper cirlces lets say getting any getting dog wasn’t a problem and we had good bunch of owners, but winning comps was even still not even my drive… i wanted punting dogs or in this case for several years ONLY bitches so can hold back the season dates and trick the form in a legit way.
I stuck to my guns and to qualify for buying i would only accept immense damline bitches, had to be Cat 1 winner related litter or half sibling on dam side only, ‘stud dog absolutely irrelevant’,and oaks had to be on there knowing the offsping are well balanced bitches as high quality as the dogs
Forest Applehttp://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=forest+apple&x=23&y=16 Lemon Avahttp://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=lemon+ava&x=18&y=4 Hasskona Odilehttp://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=hasskona+odile&x=37&y=12
all ‘exhibit A’ of what i mention check the damlines…
We had a couple of big gambling wins in 2016/17 i won more than i actually though was possible from greyhound racing, the present to myself was ‘Jelly Flood’…http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=jelly+flood&x=16&y=13
I was watching the big Limerick winter puppy race always immense form to see ‘Lemon Shane’ he was up for sale 40k euro, of course i had no intention to buy him or anything but just happened to watch the final on a replay.https://www.grireland.ie/results/view-results/?track=LMK&date=04-Nov-17#race2
My eyes watching dog races are well versed in picking up as much information as can very quickly like who is running against a bias surface or who has traffic problems etc… considering these are babies and the line up includes Lemon Shame and Jaytee Milan another massive money purchase and potential superstar… Jelly Flood (slippy jon snow as was named the) reeled them in late like a salmon and at drop is all over then, having been held up galore more than once changing stride like Westmead Hawk… jesus thats a proper proper racing dog with 750 metre potential yet he can keep up with potential derby dogs over classic trip np, this was a true form line and i knew.
What i didn’t know was he had been in the Shelboune Park sale previous for 12.000 euro, i said its 7500 max no more to my friend.
When rung up they asked who my trainer is first Kevin Hutton, ok 6500 euro.. yep done no fcking about.
Kev loved him and when i went to visit the dog was a luncatic.. rabbit junky imo, kennelled alone didnt travel well but Towcester back then was stupid high standard, dogs being bought for 20k running in A4 ffs lol was ridiculous!!!
One of his first trials he is in with ‘Razor Blazer’ who was big talk serious pup ended up running opens and top grade Monmore, Jelly got put sideways by the other runner in the trial stopped for min of 10 lengths and caught Razor on the line and went 10L clear to pick up… i was scared to have a dog this good tbh
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJDUWcVPHwQ trial 26 (1.03) in

Dog was talk of the town, looks like Champion Stakes, St ledger, Grand Prix fav all in one! i did say to lads we prob get bid 25k for him soon.
Still too young for 6 bends we had the derby come up as he was used to Towcester and the routine still being highly strung seems sensible for development even if just goes a round great experience against the elite.
He made quarter final and went out by a SH 0.002 sick!!!. and it was the tuesday quick run which he cant handle… as we saw at kincsem this year also Europa final he can’t do this.. add to that Kev had dogs stolen from his kennel lots of disruption. Would he have won the final NO be 33/1+ but if messy none is finishing faster. the only pups went further than him were Droopys Verve and Rising Brandy.
Over 6 bends he couldn’t settle and travelling still as issue was decided he needed to mature so he went to Ireland… well he was almost impossible to knock out the English derby lets go to Shelbourne he already had a rapid trial as pup over 480 in sales. He did 28.68 on a very slow track (prob be 28.30 on current fake Shelbourne clock thesedays lol) again got thru to quarter final but i didn’t like way trainer kept saying ‘we will get him out tonight’… i said fck that just keep his stamina up he wins nothing if trapping anyz, stay out back rely on his superpower racing brain and middle to finish sectional is elite level and for a few rounds of 3x derbys he holds the quickest halfway to line splits. lets call it a professional split as amateurs will not even look.
2 derby quarter finals within 20 odd races he was some dog blew me away, his sister Slippy Maggie was untouchable for a spell and broke the 550 henlow clock on debut ! ‘Godsends’ most expensive litter worldwide

After moving to Czech in 2014 i went on some road trips to Hungary Isaszeg and Alsonmedi.. i met Gabor Tenczel by chance and we talked Lyreen Mover etc i’m sure he thought i had landed there from the moon lol, i said when i get a euro style dog to suit ill send one over im sure he thought yeah bullshit lol
Well i keep an eye on everything… we were so pleased with Jelly that i checked where the Limerick puppy comp finalists were and saw ‘Jaytee Milan’ was well off the boil… didn’t suit the Henesey regime was my guess, know this from before as my mates bought ‘Full Bloom’ for 900 euro at auction (Arguably the best value buy ive ever seen)… he was Hennessy cast off also put with small trainer look what happened…http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?l=1325406
So this is really starting to interest me i was hearing Milan cost 16-18k at schooling track before ever had a race, not totally sure but i heard it from a couple of sources.
Thru my circles i asked if he for sale cheap we try something new
Straigtht away i thought this dog ideal for euro and Gabor. The dog has a ‘kinky mind’ he not really putting in IF he comes straight hes a good class dog. Plenty quick enough fair early pace and not lead dependant and stays well can go again under pressure. He has as much or even more natural talent than Jelly Flood but of course is not in same league as a race dog.

got him big knock down price, sent him to Crayford first tested for hurdles for when he comes back and landed a gamble Crayford 540 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bv-9-d6OvYs

He was pissing about playing still but holds on. Hes open minor class but not competition class in my opinion.
Gabor is a good trainer and think liked him, Isaszeg European Derby semi final 29.27 in imo very slow conditions, some of the fair euro dogs struggled to break 30, i made it 40 slow arguably so 28.87 to my clock
Wins the final quick run would have suited tho
He then wins news eve Kincsem straight race, i would have loved to go but just had our 2nd daughter born.
After this we at a crossroads do i send him back to UK, i was and still am trying to help raise euro racings profile i said if you find a good Hungarian owner providing, he stays with you as trainer etc, i will sell and also only to recoup what i paid and expenses.
Karoly Molnar was his man, ultra passionate and keen racing man, i was happy.
Then of course disaster for them in Ireland i felt sad as this sort of thing does happen to us all we know the pain.
So Covid year i will send ‘Jelly Flood’ and Karoly comes in as joint owner can have all the trophies nice karma.
Only problem Jelly is injured still and of course old now… Gabor done a good job trying but for me also track not suiting (front runner bias middle to wide) and especially surface issue all against a dog like that its been hard for me to watch tbh. He still hits the drop hard and likes racing otherwise he would be retired already as his level has dropped far too much. The dog has run 3xderbies 11 runs at that level is silly high and in total 17 runs at Category 1 competion level, i checked and is the most of any dog to race in mainland Europe.
Could i have sent him round doing 130 data rated runs massive odds on favourite against trees all his career so it looks good sure to the amateur… but where is the fun in that, no regrets x 
I will buy no more UK and Irish dogs but i am buying an Australian racer and also my next goal is to breed another Czech litter and one is being sent to Australia at 10-11 months, cost is 5000 euro but i already have the backing there is no time scale and the bitch has not been chosen yet as must be proven to take on this outlay risk.
First and only litter had my hands on 2018 Czech born (were for euro crowd) but nobody i knew had room or didn’t fancy them??? Forest Apple… really, ah ok Leamaniegh Turbo was unknown here and damlines dont count in this macho part of the world it seems 😉
Once i found nobody really bothered i though ok this is a waste lol i had people want them UK and Ireland so done deal with ‘Slippy lads’ who sold me Jelly Flood.
Due to the huge upheaval i wasn’t sure if the pups would do ok, so as back up to make sure i had runners for following year i bought ‘Hasskona Odile’ at 12 weeks just cannot refuse a bitch from a damline such as this, and ‘Hasskona Skye’ was my free pup from gene litter, i put them all with the Apple pups at Slippy so we could compare all.
‘Hasskona Star’ was on a different planet to any other and she was Slippy kennels from the deal not mine but i didn’t care just wanted to see her come good. After a trail at 11 months round Tralee which she stunned us all, she was killed in an accident involving a fox all of us were mortified inc those tough Irish lads although i suspect they saw 20,000 euro die also.
Brother ‘Hasskona Jonas’ lit up Tralee like an xmas tree on debuthttp://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=hasskona+jonas&x=24&y=12then gets injured on the gallop ffs, first Czech bred winner in Ireland ever and in grand style. He was going for the kirby at Limerick and would have gone Irish derby… alas add it to the list we have of hard beats in this game…

I have a good cooperation with ‘Diana Komaromi’ and she will whelp and rear a litter ‘Jelly Flood x Lemon Ava’ 2021 in Hungary… don’t look if you only like sprinters lol http://www.greyhound-data.com/dbtestmating.php?&sireid=2271466&damid=2263738
Forest Apple went back to UK is hopefully in pup now to Ballymac Best and her 2020 spring litter is wirh derby winning breeder/rearer look extremely promisinghttp://www.greyhound-data.com/dbtestmating.php?&sireid=1938787&damid=2256913
I sold ‘Hasskona Skye’ http://www.greyhound-data.com/dbtestmating.php?&sireid=1938787&damid=2256913 to ‘Tibi Popescu’ for euro racing and also he is in one of the ‘Forest Apple’ pups we have namely called Hasskona Hagi.
I have ‘Hasskona Odile’ sitting in Czech with Ivo will she come back i dont know such a pity she runs the Kincsem line middle to wide i dont think much would be holding her off, she has massive brood potential tho and will get a litter down the line whatever happens.
Happy xmas all and here is to great 2021 European racing.. cheers

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